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Microsoft Office 2010 installer Extract Dan:

Microsoft Office hih’ application zat mun pawl ahi. Kuapeuh in I computer ah I nei chiat sim uhi. Tulel a office omlel Office 2010 pen na zatkhak naikei a na zat nop tei leh sum tampi seng a lei a ngai zenzen kei download theih ding in site tampi ah aki koih banah Microsoft te site ah leng a thawn a download theih ding in omhi(trial version te). Hiai Internet apan i dawnload chiang in file khat chauh bang in huai tuh executable file khat a [*.exe] in kimu hi. Hiai *.exe file pen double click a install bawl mai ding ahi (product key enter a ngai). A tangpi in installer- te (MS-Office) X16-32250.exe chih hiam hiai dan deuh in X**-*****.exe aksi[*] omna mun te number bangbang hiam a omding. Hichi ahih ziak in a sung a file bangbang om uh ahia… chih a kithei thei kei hi.

Hiai file(MS-Office) I download pen back up na din cd hiam a write bang hita leteh, hun sawtpi nung a na deihna om chiang in X16-32250.exe pen MS-Office 2010 ahi chih na mang ngilh hun bang om ding ahih man in zon muhlouh theih ahi. A tangpi in CD a kikoih Software te ah Setup.exe chih khong om tangpi hi. Hiai dan in na Office pen leng a sung a installed file tuamtuam te muhtheih dia CD a na write nop leh huai X**-*****.exe file pen folder khat sung a extract bawl phot ngai hi. Hiai file pen folder sung a na extract khit chiang in Folder tuamtuam, Readme file chihte leh setup.exe file leng hong kilang vek ding hi.
Huchi in a folder pumpi CD ah guang/write mai ding. Hichi hileh nidang hun sawtpi painung leh I deih hun chiang in le hiai tuh Microsoft Office Installation file ahi chih theih pah chet theih ding ahi.

Hih ding dan lampi:

1. A masa in na MS-Office set-up file (i.e. X16-32250.exe hiam X**-*****.exe) pen root folder ah koih masa in, hiai tuh, I kihilh dan a baihlam na ding ahi.

‘Root folder’ ichih pen ahih leh na OS(XP/Vista/7) a ki installed na Drive a Root Folder ahi a. Huai tuh na OS pen C: drive a ki installed ahih leh My Computer[double-click] C: Drive[double-click] – C: drive na double click chiang a windows sung a hong dawk teng Root folder a om chihna ahi. Hiai window sung chet ah na MS-Office set-up fiel copy-paste in.

2. Hiai window sung mah ah folder khat bawl thak inla a folder min ding in office chih pia in.

3. Tun ah command prompt hong in. Start> All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt. Hiai Command Prompt pen right-click inla Run as administrator tungah left click lechin window vom bekbuk hong kihong ding.(User Account Control dialog hong dawkleh Yes pen click ngai).
4. Hiai Window Vom hong dawk’ sung ah ‘C:WindowsSystem32>’ na muding hi huai zoh chet ah cd chih type inla enter key hit dak in. C:> hong dawkta hi. Tun ah huai greater sign banah sunzom inla hichi in type in X16-32250.exe /extract:C:office enter key hit dak nawn in.
{ A tom in :
C:WindowsSystem32>cd [ENTER KEY PRESS]
C:X16-32250.exe /extract:C:office [ENTER KEY PRESS] }

5. Tun C: drive hong inla office kichi folder sung hong nawn lechin – oho ! Microsoft Office Setup file teng teng na muthei ta ding.

6. Hiai office kichi a folder leh a sung a om tengteng toh CD ah write ta in. MS-Office CD nei na himai.

(Note: X16-32250.exe leh /(forward Slash) kikal ah mun-awng(space) khat pia in. X16-32250.exe kichi pen etsakna dan lel ahi X16-69453.exe chih bang leng hithei hi, huai ziakin nang version number pen pen zat ding ahi.) >



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