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Borne A Brontok.A
By Lee
Until that monster came into my life it used to be a gorgeous and splendid, full of cheers, jest and excitement. But alas finally he came into my life, with his sorts of nasty things, spoiling my days, moods and psychic. He is the damned intruder , an unwanted guest, a thieve who has stolen away all my cheerful jolly nature; or is he stalking on me and my life, I’m just not sure of. He might be not or is he ? Whatever it be I swear simply I just hate the way he behaves and work around with my system and its inside; showing its symptoms now and again. These descriptions are only just the tipping points of the whole episodes. I am relating this sorts to my digital life which had been disturbed by an err…. Nasty, silly, unwanted, hated piece of program known as ‘VIRUS’ . Really I’m not sure whether it was a virus or spy-ware or not sure even it is an Ad-ware or Trojan.. Whatever it may be I called him a virus, damned virus infecting the heart and soul of my system, meddled up with its working, disrupting its functioning, terminating various services, messing up with its memories , gradually and finally Commanding a Restart. Oh Piss, I’m talking about a virus – a Brontok.A virus
I’m afraid you also had had an encountered with that shit, you know The Brontok Virus. You’d never knew when did it entered into your life- yeah , we are talking about your digital life, your gadgets and gismos. That shit ! with its snooping nose will eventually show up its presence and imperialism whenever you step into your Kingdom – I mean your idiot box- your Desktop, Laptop or Palm top or whatever top it might be – that which you borne the Brontok will be or will show up or pop-up by default on top of your opened windows, showing in full , his face or should we say window, painted in Green, embroidered with weird words and sentences or is it a Programming Language; hard to understand.
You know it really gets deep into my mean machine, down right to the registry. The task of attempting the process of shredding is a total failure. It could not be done away with, that little devil, every attempt to connect ot an Anti-Virus download site gone in vain, cause the virus itself is an intelligent, self-concious and defendable monster; which aborted every attempt of connecting to Anti-virus download. Everytime you followed the links to such sites your browser will abruptly be closed without any reason being assigned. It will clutter to most of your folders, that means he is self duplicating and reproducing, you will observed this the most on your  C: Drive. You would’nt be able to tweak your registry, be cautious you will not be even permitted to restore – we are talking about System Restor Wizard.
Warn you, it could be some sort of Phising, to be honest, it could be that someone wants to extract your classified and private data, about your credit card number, your Bank Account secrets or your vital corporate documents, beware your privacy may have been invaded and is under scanner and you might had been be episonaged by anonymous. Lucky you would be if the intention is that  someone just wanted to spoil your system, by system I mean not the Hardware but the Software; to be precise your operating system- like WindowsXP, Vista, Linux, Unix etc. In your case most likely is windows XP, or Vista. Thank God!! By any means they might not be able to cripple your Hardware – hard disk, Motherboard, DVDdrives, or mouse etc. or any part of the component which made up those devices, - under any circumstances.
By now your would be sighing a relief ….. Voila … still then if they destruct your system, yu had a hard-time reformatting your hard drive - means your System Partition or your C: Drive , doing the uphill task of re-installing all those softwares you would ever needed it and of course your OS –that stands for your Operating System.If you could done all these jobs by your own, then Cheers!!! You are also a Nerd  ??*** You save yourself some amount of your bucks. But if you need the help of a professional; I mean those who called themselves a Professional Service Personnels – then, you should also know, that they are also a Billing Professionals  ….ooooppppsss.
After completing all these odd-jobs you might be quite confident and positive but you know , you would be sorry ooohh! If you had not backed up all your important data , which had been mentioned earlier, for you would not be able to retrieved – technically known as recover  simply without using an expensive tools that is a recovery software. Or still you know , even after executing those expensive recovery softwares if you could not retrieved then Sob^ sob** !! whoop!! Whoop!!  They are permanently gone, that means destroyed means lost – techie called that ‘DELETED’.



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Comment posted by Lee Athax, 11/09/2019 at 9:12pm (UTC):
Written during 2008-09 but as the writer did not dated it is hard to point the exact date. This article had already been published in the contributed by the writer.

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