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Floppy zatdan in bang chi in DVD R/W disk na zang thei dia? Floppy kizat dan thei lou I tam kei ding, himahleh a theilou omkhak leh floppy disk pen floppy drive a guang a windows explorer zang a ihon leh a sung a data/file omte hong dawk hi. Huai kia hilou in, na guan beh utleh huai explorer window sung ah file na koih nop pen paste hiam drag-n-drop hiam le the floppy drive in floppy disk ah ana koih write/ record / copy suk ziau ding hi. Floppy a omsate I nulmang ut chiang in a file pen select a DELETE theih ziau zel ahi. CD/DVD te ah ahih leh baihlam tak in kihih theilou hi. Reading kibawl thei a, write beh theih a, hileh leng nuam tak in copy-paste hiam drag-n-drop in kihih theilou banah CD/DVD sung a omsate Delete zok mawk theih louh ahi.
Hiai ahi Floppy leh CD/DVD te kibatouh na I taklat nuampen. Tup leh Ngim CD/DVD+/- R/W media bang chi in Floppy bang in I zang thei dia…. File ut hun hun a CD/DVD R/W media a copy-paste / drag-n-drop maiding, CD/DVD R/W media a omsa file te select a DELETE ziau thei ding.

Van poimoh te:

1. CD/DVD Rewriter Drive,
2. blank CD/DVD R/W media,
3. Nero Burning Software with Nero InCD,
4. O/S XP or above hiai te I van poimohte ahi uhi.

1. NERO 7/8/9/10 khat peuhpeuh Install inla Nero InCD kichi NERO sung maha om leng installed tel in.
2. Na NERO version a NERO InCD a tel khak kei leh a download theih na ding zang in zong inla Installed teitei in.
3. Nero leh Nero InCD na installed khit chiang in System Tray ah InCD icon hong dawk ding hi. 4. Step 1 to 3 na zoh vek chiang in Blank CD/DVD R/W media na CD/DVD Drive ah guang in.
Hiai ah R/W kichi pen chiamteh thak thak inla R chauh te hilou in R/W te ahi na thun ding.
5. Nero InCD hong (run) inla na Blank CD/DVD R/W media pen format bawl phot in. Format option te FAT 32/UDF 1/1.5/2.0/CDFS chih te khong ahi. Hiai format te lak ah bang format na tel dia – InCD in default in format khat e.g. UDF 1.5 hiam hon suggest leh huai InCD in hon suggest pen pen in format in.
6. CD/DVD R/W media pen na format zoh chiang in, huai a DVD drive pen i.e. My Computer > CD/DVD drive pen double click/ open in la DVD/CD a na koih ut File te drag-n-drop hiam, copy-paste le chin nang buaipih ngai lou in ana ki write ziauziau geuh ding uhi.
7. Na CD/DVD R/W sung a kikhumsa file khat peuh na deih nonkei a na paih ut leh huai file chet pen select inla delete lechin, huai na deihlouh file pen chuah ana mang mai ding. >



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