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Paite Tribe

 The anthropologists of India have claimed the existence of quite a handful of tribal communities, which have thronged various regions of north East Indian states. Amongst them, Paite tribes are quite remarkable. In Manipur the Paite tribes is considered to be one of the scheduled tribes, mainly located in Lamka Town of Churachandpur district. Together with other tribes of the region, namely, Thadou, Vaiphei, Gangte, Hmar and others they belong to the Chin-Kuki group of the past. Very recently, they call themselves as Paite and associate with Zomi or Zo tribal family.

  The word Paite also has got etymological significance. If one dissects Paite in to two terms, pai stands for march, while te means people. As a whole, Paite means " a group of people marching ". 

 The Paite tribes are pious and religious minded. Almost all the traditional Paite tribes abide by the Christianity, mostly converted  to Christianity in the nineteenth century due to the intervention of British missionaries. Also they have got faith on local god, Pathian. Just like many of the tribes of Paite tribal communities, they were known to have originated from the mountain caves, known as  Khul. 

 According to the Census report of India in the  year 2001, it has a total population of sixty thousand in Churachandpur district itself As far as the whole of the Paite population of India is concerned, it has been enumerated to be 49,271, stretching to more than one hundred and twenty five villages. These days Paite tribes have even strode forward in various places outside Indian subcontinent. 

The Paite tribes are chiefly timid, recluse people who are truly committed in whatever they do. Although these Paite tribes are mainly agriculturists, many of these Paite tribes have achieved remarkable fetes. Today some of them even are placed in various offices of the federal government. Even instances of these Paite tribes occupied respectable posts and position even in mainstream governance` of Indian subcontinent. It won`t be an exaggeration of the fact that these Paite tribes are one of the most academically superior tribes amongst other tribes of the whole of India.

Desi dance, songs, tales, all linked to every day chores of the life of these Paite tribes, thus ennobling the tradition and culture of Paite community.

These are verbally passed through generation after generation. Zangtalam is a popular dance style performed by this community. Both Paite males and females folks actively take part in it. These Pate tribes converse in a dialect, popularly known as Paite.




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