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MHJU in mautaam survey-II neizom
Chhantu Editor in Sinjawl louzau ah tuahsia tuak courtesy: news by Manipur Express 
Lamka, Aug 30: Manipur Hills Journalist Union (MHJU) apan member 11 in singtang bial a mautaam kialpi dinmun enkhe ding leh lou zau a ganhingte gamtat laitak enkhe ding in August 27 2008 (Nilaini) in Lamka nusia in singtangbial zuan uhi. Huchih lai in Chhantu Editor leh MHJU a Secretary hihna lenlel F Zohmingliana s/o JF Rothangliana (Ex Minister) of Jion Street, Lamka in Sinjawl te’ lou zau ah tuahsiat tuak in, vangphat huaitak in hutkhiak man in om hi.
MHJU team in ahihleh, Mautaam survey II kichi neilel ua, Thanlon, Tipaimukh leh Henglep sub division sung a mautaam kialpi thuakte dinmun, zusa leh ganhing chi tuamtuam in lou a piang buh le bal ban ah haichi tuamtuam a neksiat dan te enkhe ding in hawh ua, August 27, 2008 nitak dak 6 vel ding in Sinjawl khua tung uhi. Ann nezou nitak dak 9 in Sinzawl te’ lou ah zusate gamtat laitak lem la ding in MHJU team te kuan ua, nitak dak 10 in tung uhi.

Sinjawl khawmi Pa Lian leh Pa Thang makaih in MHJU team te lou ah panmun ki hawm ngal in, zusa te tang charchar ua, dakkal kimkhat nung vel ding in a panmun uh fuh zoulou sak ziak in mundang ah kihepkhiak sawm uhi. Huchih lai in Chhantu Editor F Zohmingliana ana om lou in amau leng zonbawl ngal ua, amuh louh tak un kikou in sam mah le uh dawnna bangmah zalou uhi. A lawmte’n louzau teng tuan suak in zinglam dak 2 tan zong mahle uh mu zoulou in beidong in loubuk tung ah ding in naktak a kikou in sam nawn mahle uh kuamah a dong ding om tuanlou a, zinglam dak 2 in Sinjawl khua ah tangkou mai ding in kisawl ua, huai apan in zan khawvak in zon himahleh muh zawh hituan lou hi. MHJU team te makaihtu Pa Lian in lou taw lam a va vel leh, a pawtkhiakna mun va musuah a, himahleh, mihing khaap ding banglou ahi chi’n patauh meltak in om hi.

Mr F Zohmingliana sulnung leh khekhap hidia gintak muhkhiak ahihtak in zingkal phalvak kuan in Sinjawl khua a sa sulnung zuihsiam te makaih in zonna kipan ngal a, hun bangtan hiam nung in gaw kawm ah a lukhu mu ua, a ban a paizel uleh a meitei dial mu nawn ua, tua zawh in athil puak mah hanawtna lou (Colgate) mukhe nawn in amah bel muh hinai tuan lou hi. Mihing paitheihna ding a kilawmlou ken lak ah pai in bangtan hiam a sulnung a zuih nung un zinglam dak 7:30 vel in gaw nuai kawm khat ah chiangkhun khun kawmin va mukhia uhi.

Chhantu Editor gamnuai a muhkhiak ahihnung in keenlak ah mi 3 in pawtou in amah zong dia kuante kihilh sawn in haksatak in lou lampi tan pawkai tou ua, amah leng abah mahmah ziak in lou lampi apan YPA Sinjawl Unit in a zawnna ding bawl in Sinjawl khua tan zawng tung uhi. Mr F Zohmingliana in agendan in, nitak dak 10:30 vel ding in buk lam zuan in ka pai tou a, buk khang a vaimim paai lem ka la a, ka laak zohphet in, lemlak a chiang hiam chi a ka et leh ka lemlak pen omlou in, ‘Nungak khat in vaimim paai nawi a na tep sak lai lem a na om mawk a, lamdang sa lua leh laulua in lawmte kiang a lakdia ka taiphei dek leh huai mi nu ka kiang ah ana ding in laulua in ka theih patawp in ka taai” chi hi.

Amah sulnung zuite lak a telkhate’n agendan un, a sulnung a zuihna uah, kuamah suizui theihlouh ding khop in sawlpa teh in kihu zel a, a khe khaap leng mihing abang lou in beem (round) a, huai leng a kuan lam leh apailam mah bang in khekhap beem nih kipel tuah a, koilam zuan hiam chih theih haksa mahmah in om chi uhi. F Zohmingliana in agenbehna ah, gua leh maulak khawng a tai a tai mai ahihdan gen a, tuaban ah, zingkal lam in khua phawkdan deuh in om a, luidung khat ah patau mahmah in Pathian kiang ah thumna nei ahihdan gen hi. Mr. Zohmingliana in a taksa tung a a kuah sum khat mah leng a manthat louh ban ah, pen, wallet leh lehkha dangdang te manglou in muhkhiak vek hi a, himahleh, a camera pen muh zawh hinawnlou a, camera khihna bel a khut ngawng ah ki khihsa in om den lai a, a camera pen muh zawh ahih nawnlouh bangziak hiding hiam chih theih in om hi.

F Zohmingliana a halhkhiak theih taktak theihlouh ziak in August 28 sunnung dak 2 vel ding in Lamka zuan in Lamka Post Editor Th Thangzalian in hon paipih a, ataksa tung a a kehna om te apan sipawt aphat theihlouh ziak in Songtal khua ah hong giak ua, August 29, 2008 in Lamka hongtung thei uhi. MHJU team apan mi 9 te paisuak in menchim om ziak in Tipaimukh bial lut theilou ua, tuni (Aug 30) in Joutung khua ah giak in, zingchiang in Henglep sub division lutsawm uh chih thu kiza hi.

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