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Ghost Kids

submitted by pebbles
Once there was a really old school and every day i passed by i would see this freak who weared baggy pants. one day i was walking with my friend and the guy looked at us. me and my friend were bored so we decided to go in the school and check it out as soon as we went in, the door closed and we tried to open it but we couldn't so we kept on walking. then we saw blood on the floor so we were scared after that we saw a little girl running and she was coverd in blood we went running after her but she kept on running and we noticed that her cheaks were white. finally she stopped and turned around and said leave!leave your going to die this isn't a school anymore this is no place for people to go in alive people. we were scared i touched her cheak because she was crying and my hand went right threw her then the light turned off i coulodn't see anything the little girls eyes glowed they were the color red then alot of other kids came and started chasing me and my friend i tried to ulock the door and i did but my friend tripped so i had to go back and get her but the ghoast kids got her and i left screaming and scared to death she died and i escaped now i am 10 and i still miss my friend and the school is now a grave yard when ever i pass by i always try to ignore it because it is a really spooky place now i have a lot of bad dreams.

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