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The Choir Story ???????????????
There was a Pastor who had a Choir team and the Choir was the Best Team ever in his Town. People would not afford to miss their Ministration during Service and at Conferences. 
The Pastor died a day before the Youth conference. So the Pastor Cried out to God that the Lord would allow him to hear his choir from heaven, the Lord agreed !
So the day came and God fulfilled His promise to the Pastor. What shocked the Pastor was that he could only hear two Female and one Male voice amongst the whole choir. 
He asked God "why am I Hearing only the voice of 3 persons yet people are rejoicing with the way they are singing"...and God replied, " here in Heaven we only hear the Voices of those who sing in Truth and in Spirit and are in Right Standing with my Word...".
The Pastor Cried and said what about my other good singers? 
God replied," they are doing it for their Prestige and not for my Sake, so only those on Earth Rejoice but the Heavens are not Moved by that." 
So its a lesson for us Worshippers.... Do not please Man but your Father who sees the Heart, worship in spirit and in truth, for that is the kind of worshippers the Father seeks.
Pass this to other Worshippers especially Groups. 
John 4:23-24. 

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