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Form for immovable property
Form for giving intimation or seeking previous sanction under Rule 18(3) for transaction in respect of movable property
1. Name of the  Government Servant  
Name of the Government servant
2. Scale of pay and present pay  
Scale of pay,
3. Purpose of application - sanction for transaction/intimation of transaction  
Purpose of application
4 Whether property is being acquired for deposed of  
acquired /disposed off
5. (a) Probable date of acquisition or disposal of Property  
Probable date
  (b) If the property is already acquired/ disposed of - Actual date of transaction  
actual date of transaction
6. (a)Description of property (e.g., Car/Scooter/Motor Cycle/Refrigerator/Radio/Radiogram/Jewellery/Loans/Insurance Policies etc)  
Description of property
  (b) Make, Model(and also Registration Number in case of vehicle ), where necessar4y  
7. Mode of acquisition/disposal(purchase/sale, gift, mortgage, lease or otherwise)  
mode of acquisition
8. Sale/Purchase price of the property (Market  Value in the case of gifts)  
sale purchase
9. In case of acquisition, source or sources from which finance/proposed to be financed:  
  (a) Personal savings  
Per. savings
  (b) Other sources giving details.  
other sources
10. In the case of disposal of property, was requisite Sanction/intimation obtained/given for its acquisition( A copy of the sanction/acknowledgement should be attached.)  
11. (a). Name and address of the party with whom transaction is proposed to be made has been made.  
Name & address of party
  (b) Is the party related to the applicant? If so, state the relationship.  
is the party
  (c) Did the applicant have any dealings with party in his official capacity at any time, or is the applicant likely to have any dealing with him in the near future?  
official dealings
  (d) Nature of official dealings with the party.  
Nature of official dealings
  (e) How was the transaction arranged? (Whether through advertisement or through friends and relatives. Full particulars to be given)  
How was the transaction arranged.
12. In case of acquisition by gift whether sanction is also required under Rule 13 of CCS(Conduct) Rules, 1964  
is required under Rule 13
13. Any other relevant fact which the applicant may like to mention.  
I, ------------------------- hereby declare that the particulars given above are true. I request that I may be given permission to acquire/dispose of property as described above from to the party whose name is mentioned in Item 11 above.
I, ----------------------- hereby intimate the acquisition /disposal of property by me as detailed above. I declare that the particulars given above are true.
  Note1: In the above form, different portions may be used according to requirement.  
  Note 2: Where previous sanction is asked for, the application should be submitted at lease 30 days before the proposed date of transaction.    

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